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The Dance Party

About The Dance Party

The Dance Party is a rock band from Washington, DC.

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The Dance Party seems to understand the importance of playing a show, of connecting emotionally with an audience through music.
- - Dec 2011

The group deftly balances synth-pop keyboards and pop-metal guitars... Add triumphant "heys!" and arena-filling choruses, and such funk-rock romps as "Hush" sound like guaranteed hits.
- The Washington Post - Jan 2011

The Dance Party's material is characterized by a manic frenzy of electric guitar, fast-powered drums, boppy synthesizer and Coogan's coasting vocals that venture easily into falsetto territory every third note or so. Coogan dances around the stage like a caged sex beast, flailing limbs and hair following in the wake of every hip thrust, while his bassist and guitarist, donned in hi-tops and headband, respectively, trade riffs. It's obvious these guys are just here to party, and will continue to do so as they tour the US.
- - Sept 2010

Falsetto synth-pop recalls Prince's Dirty Mind, making "Do you wanna go steady" seem naughtier than it is.
- USA Today - Aug 2010